Miss Metropolitan Junkie What's Hot in N.Y.C.


She’s officially 30.  On the 1st day of her 4-day birthday celebration, I had the honor of rocking out with her at “Johnny Utah’s” near Rockefeller Center.  I was late for reservations so the door attendant didn’t want to let me in.  Fortunately, I had a gift.  I asked the woman at the door if I could at least drop off the gift to the birthday girl and I’ll head back home.  She looked at me and asked “It’s only you, right?”  She gave me a ticket and let me through. 

I walked down a flight of stairs into what looked like a Dojo.  It reminded me of a final death match.  People formed a circle around the mechanical bull, cheering and screaming in this dimly lit room.  I searched for the birthday girl; slowly pushing through the crowd. I noticed what everyone was cheering for.  I turned around to see my friend, riding the bull.  It was amazing!  After her first ride, we sat over cocktails and wings.  My friend rode the bull 4 times on her special day.  Her final ride was as entertaining as watching Bravo, on Sunday nights at 10pm (Real Housewives of ATL).

Johnny Utah’s, 25 W 51st Street (Btw 5th & 6th), 212.265.8824

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