We sat in Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park. We were talking about people that have living spaces that they can’t live in. The wasted space of an all white living room that no one can enter because it is feared that the area will become dirty. People have these hang-ups in life. Why would you purchase a carpet that you can’t walk on? Why would you purchase a sofa that you can’t sit on? We are wasting our money purchasing tangible goods that we believe are too nice to use. Why would you buy a car and keep it parked because the car is too nice to drive? We value objects as though they are people, and we value people as though they are objects.

We should value life. We are investing in things that are too good to use. People have plates sitting in a cabinet. Plates taking up space; just sitting there because they are too nice to eat off of. Crystal glassware that’s too nice to drink from. This is the time where you should realize that you are special, not those objects. The way life runs, we may never see another “special occasion.” Stop waiting for Memorial Day to have a BBQ, Veterans day to acknowledge our Veterans, Christmas to buy a gift. My internal calendar is the calendar that advises me that each day I wake-up is a day worth celebrating.  Everyday that passes is a day lost. When it comes to time, there is no turning back. Once you lose a minute, that minute is gone forever! Celebrate life everyday because every single day of your life should be viewed as a special occasion.

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