Money Self Urban Aristocrats


Computers, Cell phones, Cameras, Manicures, Shoes, Jewelry, Handbags, Expensive Dinners, IPods, Video Games, Starbucks. They are the things we can’t seem to live without. The products we praise. They are the things we believe are necessary to get us through the day, week, month or year. A remarkable value has been placed on these things for many reasons. However, at the end of every expense, we continue to live unfulfilled lives.

We survive through interim moments of gratification. New products are produced on a regular basis; making the older product, you worked so hard to obtain, obsolete. Our expectations of our idols become greater as we gluttonously feed on the belief that many of  these products will simplify our daily lives and increase our productivity. In some instances, our idols do exactly that, but there is a drawback in every step forward. The products we idolize have deviated from its initial purpose in simplifying our lives by making certain situations more complex.

Many Americans are facing a considerable level of financial troubles as the need to keep up with the latest crazes has placed them in debt. An increase in debt, pollution, theft, and health issues can be attributed to our idolization of these products. The greatest solution to the problem is seriously assessing what is required for living comfortably in this modern age. When you condense your list to actual necessities, you will find yourself in a better place financially and mentally. Ask yourself can I truly afford a new IPhone? Do I really need a WII when I already have a Playstation? Do I really need a new pair of Giuseppe’s? Can I survive without a Venti Latte? The reality is we are truly under the impression that there is a need for these items. Once you allow yourself to remain shackled in mental slavery, you will truly never feel the freedoms of those that actually have good credit, good health, and low clutter.

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