Miss Metropolitan Junkie Miss MJ xoxo


Remember the night we smoked cigars and then got a ride down to Club Eden from those two strange Spanish guys?  You sat in the front passenger seat and I even remember seeing you and the driver kiss on the lips.  Another random night in the City  I tried to wear those sick zebra print leggings, but they wouldn’t pass my thighs.  It was a Fall tragedy!  I had about two rum and cokes that night and then I was over it!  Club Eden, hit the snooze button.  Far from the days of Jade Terrace.   That was the place we use to go to afterwork every Thursday back in 2003 so you know it’s no longer bueno.  Thank goodness we’ve moved on to better things.  

Origin : Dominican Republic
Format : Corona
Size : 140 x 17 mm
Ring : 44
Wrapper : Ecuador
Binder : USA/Connecticut
Filler : Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru

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