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My attorney gleefully showed me her nail color choice inspired by yours truly. I must admit, her rock grabbed my attention more than her nail color. When I finally noticed she was wearing Essie’s Trophy Wife, it validated my position as a Metropolitan Life Stylist.

Her amazing engagement ring proves that you don’t need Essie to turn you into a Trophy Wife.  For those who haven’t gotten a ring, the perfect nail color can totally get the guy.  And hopefully he’s the guy that gets you the ring.  All I know is the ring better BLING BING!!!!  True love matters the most, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a nice diamond that reflects all the love he has for you.

With my fabulous addiction to life in New York City, I can show you simple ways to upgrade your life’s style.  I follow trends like a stalker.  Whether it’s food trends or fashion trends,  I love taking what’s hot and making it scorch.  Be fabulous on any budget by just being yourself.



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