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Dry shampoos are steadily growing in popularity. It’s the ideal product to use between washes. Dry shampoos come in spray, powder, and liquid form. Beauty bloggers swear by it. The liquid form reminds me of a hand sanitizer and the spray form leaves a slight build-up when you spray too much on or too close to the scalp. The powder form appears to be the best to use on treated hair, but it can leave your scalp looking a little dusty if it isn’t worked in properly. I noticed that there are powder, dry shampoos that come in different shades to blend with your hair color. People with dark hair should avoid using lighter powders while people with light hair should avoid dark powders.

I was reluctant to using dry shampoo because my biggest question was can it be used on relaxed hair? After purchasing a can of TRESemme’s fresh start dry shampoo (spray form), I did much research to find the answer to my burning question. What I discovered is that the shampoo can be used on treated hair, but it should not be used directly after treatment. It’s advised that you wait at least a week or two after treating your hair before using the dry shampoo spray or liquid. I also learned that when using the spray, it’s best to hold it at a reasonable distance from the scalp. If sprayed on too closely, it can cause irritation.

Dry shampoo is a gem. It is great for after a sweaty work out. You can also use it to muzzle an unfriendly hair odor. Nothing can compare to a good wash and conditioning, but we know that constant washing of the hair can actually dry, and even damage hair – some hair types more than others. As with any beauty product, everyone responds to each differently. Always do a skin or strand test before fully using a product. If irritation or discoloration occurs, discontinue use of the product immediately.

Win an 8.5 Fl. Oz bottle of Organic Root Stimulator’s Herbal Cleans “Dry Shampoo” – this is liquid form.  It is perfect for people with natural styles. It cleans and refreshes braids, locks, twists and other natural styles without water.

to win, simply join my Miss Metropolitan Junkie Facebook page and wait for your name to be called as winner.  You will need to be able to provide a shipping address if you become a winner.  Please be advised that I will not be held liable for any irritation or damage caused by the product.  I will also not be held liable for stolen, lost, or damaged products during shipping.  Use at your own risk!  Enjoy xoxo

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