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A tall glass of seltzer water at Art Bar was a simple choice for a complex night. After a psychic reading by Mrs. Ronnie Reese on Horatio Street, I needed a boost. She told me that the one I’m with isn’t the one for me. How disappointing, I thought. After 3 months of dating, he and I had gone through more than most of the long-term relationships I experienced. How do you sit with someone you care about knowing that they aren’t the one for you. I felt myself pulling away from him. Things are easier to deal with when you are not emotionally invested. Nevertheless, the emotions have been invested and I’m preparing for my stock market of love to crash.

Amy and I sat in the back area of Art Bar. Dimly lit; ultra cozy, we were surrounded by brick walls and Andy Warhol style pop art. We were seated on sofas richly decorated with throw pillows. We sat comfortably as we went into depth about our current relationships and views on life in general. Amy sipped on a Butterscotch Martini that she described as a Werther’s butterscotch candy in a martini glass. I had a Guacamole and Brie Melt, which is guacamole, melted brie, and diced sun-dried tomatoes on a baguette. I have never been a fan of brie, but my taste buds welcomed this favorable combination of flavors that work well together. My only reservation was the bread should have been crunchier and warmer. The vegetarian Thai spring rolls with chili sauce were a splendid compliment to a busy night. I admired a painting on the wall representing the last supper, but instead of Jesus and his disciples, surrounding the table are Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Freda Kahlo and a few other cult personalities.

The West Village is warm even on the coldest night. Its diversity and openness of sexuality is attractive. You feel drawn into the lifestyle of being yourself and feeling comfortable with who you are. Some of the cobble stone roads lead you to a world outside of New York City. You feel like you are centuries behind, but still in a modern world. Art Bar is a nice escape from the Midtown venues that are over-priced; the Upper East Side crowd who’s “too good for life” approach takes away from what New York City truly represents. If you are ever in the West Village, visit Art Bar. Take in the ambiance and enjoy unpredictability of life in New York City.  It’s a New York City treasure that’s been around for over 20 years, but it is still worth discovering.

Art Bar
52 8th Avenue
New York, New York 10014

Psychic Readings by Mrs. Ronnie Reese
3 Horatio Street
New York, New York 10014

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