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The only thing stuffed on Thanksgiving was me. Now I need to get back in the swing of things by working off all the turkey, stuffing, and sweets I consumed during Thanksgiving vacation. I dusted off my collection of fitness DVDs. No gym membership is required to look extra fab.  I’m going to make sure Christmas dinner doesn’t cause havoc to my body like Thanksgiving dinner did (sad face).

Try dance DVDs because they are fun. You won’t feel like you’re working out even though you’re sweating and burning lots of  calories. My tip is to do it with a friend or family member for added support.

We all know New York winters take a toll on our bodies because we don’t go out as much.  When the snow hits, we’re either taking a cab or driving around instead of walking.  Some of us suffer from the winter blues, which causes us to tear through our pantry eating all the high calorie snacks we can find. Now is the time to start working on your hot summer body.  This is the perfect opportunity to get fit and fabulous! 


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