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Wearing jewelry is the perfect way to play up a simple look. For fashion novice, be cautious not to exaggerate your look by over-accessorizing. Jewelry should make a statement with a simple number. The appropriate jewelry will speak for your outfit, but if your outfit is heavily decorated or sensationally elaborate, your jewelry should simply compliment the outfit. It shouldn’t overshadow what you’re wearing.

• If your wrist is lined with bracelets, wear a fancy cocktail ring on your finger at your opposite arm. This is a good way to balance the look.

• If the neckline of your top is decorated, skip wearing a necklace because it can take away from the beauty of your already ornate neckline. The addition will overpower the look. Remember the goal is to compliment what you’re wearing.

• Earrings like chandeliers and hoops go great with pulled back and upsweep hairstyles including pony tails and the chignon.

• If you’re wearing red, pair it with gold jewels. Red clothing with gold accessories is a marriage made in heaven. *extra tip: Red lipstick and gold eye make-up will drive men wild!

• Wear a pearl necklace to a power lunch or afterwork cocktails with friends. If you have long, full hair, undo your hair and shake it out for a sultry look.

• Pin a brooch to your pashmina or cashmere scarf for  chic winter style.

Wearing jewelry should be fun and playful. It is up to each individual to follow or break rules that apply to sporting jewels. Keep in mind that rules can be broken. If this is all too overwhelming, always remember less is more. Take a few risks when you feel comfortable trying new styles.

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