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Miss Metropolitan Junkie found a new addiction outside of my addiction to life in New York City. Every city girl carries a clutch. Clutches are a minimalist approach to a classy style. I recently started shopping for clutches because my eyes and heart craved the mini glam goodie bags. My addiction quickly came to a screeching halt when my favorite clutch, Cassie (yes my clutch has a name), failed to do me justice over the weekend. There I was dancing my ass off at the Young Gifted and Black event at Pranna Restaurant and Lounge in Manhattan. The vodka had run through my blood like a New York City Marathon, and the music had taken me over like a professional hypnotist. I was on the dance floor flailing my arms, bending my knees and moving my waste to the sickest Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae songs. It was one of those moments where the quote “Dance like no one is watching” rang out heavily in my head. I was sweating, gyrating, and feeling care free. I had an amazing time.

My sweet clutch Cassie only has enough space to hold my keys, Insurance card, credit card, debit card, and metro card. She’s a sick clutch, but she’s just not a ride or die clutch. She failed me immensely! Cassie didn’t have enough room for my mobile phone. I placed my mobile phone in my bra and continued to move around like I was doing a war dance. Having so much fun, I neglected to realize that my phone had fallen out my bra. That is the night I learned that clutches are not a practical accessory for a girl like me. I need large bags that can hold a pair of flats, a camera, keys, my cards, some touch-up make-up, perfume, and my mobile phone. A night out in NYC is always an event. Clutches won’t successfully get you through an epic night in the City. There are larger clutches that hold more items, but you are still very limited with what you can carry. In addition, clutches are small so they’re easier to lose after a few strong cocktails. I don’t fully oppose of carrying a clutch. They serve their purpose aesthetically.

Cassie is such a beautiful clutch; I don’t want to give up on her so easily by placing her to the back of my walk-in closet. However, choosing the right event to carry a clutch Cassie’s size is something I must carefully consider. From hereon in, I’ve decided to stop with my clutch purchases and go for the large bags that hold more social essentials. A woman’s handbag is like her survival kit. What she carries in her bag will get her through any Metropolitan emergency. Everything she could fit in her bag, she will place in her bag. Size totally matters with respect to handbags. Clutches are too small for a big girl like me.

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New York, New York
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