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The cloche hat’s design became popular in the 1920s. Cloche is French for bell; hence the name of the hat as it is shape like a bell. Designers today are increasingly inspired by the roaring 20’s and Art Deco eras to where they are creating modernized styles of the classic cloche hat design.

Felt cloche hats are a perfect style for this season. If you have a generous budget, try cloche hats by Victor Osborne or Lika, which could cost you a little over $250.00.  But if you’re an economical glam girl, opt for the Stitched Scarlet Cloche in wool from Anthropologie, which will run you about $58.00. Pair your cloche hat with a plain, long, belted pea coat and you will own this City! No matter which price level you choose, you are sure to look absolutely yummy.


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