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Located in the Trylon Towers of the Chrysler Center, The Capital Grille is our choice restaurant for holiday and birthday lunches. It’s close to our Midtown office so we often go there to enjoy a quick bite during our short lunch break. I normally order the lobster crab burger or hamburger with fries. It’s simple food that taste great.

What I mostly love is having their garlic aoili with my fries. They serve it with the burger and fries along with ketchup and mustard. When I dip my fries into that aioli, it is excitingly delicious. I recently tried their lobster salad for the first time and it is divine.

When dining out, we often make the same food choice out of fear of spending money on a dish we may not like. Sometimes it’s good to take a chance and experience new foods. If it’s a good restaurant, you can return the food you don’t like for something you prefer. I wouldn’t suggest doing that, but it is often acceptable depending on the restaurant. I’m excited to review the menu at a restaurant I regular and order something different. One of the best questions to ask yourself is “How do I know I don’t like it if I never tried it?”

I will continue having lunch at The Capital Grille and I’m now willing to order different dishes when I visit there. This restaurant is great for family, friends, or a business lunch with partners. Enjoy NYC, by dining at this amazing restaurant. You’ll be happy you dined there.  It is a lovely experience!

The Capital Grille
155 East 42nd Street
New York, New York 10017


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