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Women pay thousands of dollars to have lips like Angelina Jolie. Lip injections to permanent lip implants are some of the extremes women go to for the perfect pucker. If you are a glam girl on a budget, you can purchase lip plumpers from your local drug stores. Brands like New York Color and Sally Hansen have lip plumpers that glaze on like gloss, and inflate your lips like balloons.

I tried the New York Color Lippin’ Large, Very Clear, Lip Plumper, which claims to visibly increase lip volume; has an instant high-plumping action; a comfortable, non-sticky and moisturizing feel; and long lasting shine. I didn’t see much of a difference in lip size after using the product. I don’t have much need for a lip plumper because I already have full lips, but I get excited over beauty products and I am willing to try some of these products to see if they really work. When I used the New York Color lip plumper, I felt a noticeable tingle on my lips, which led me to believe that the product was working its magic. Unfortunately, The only thing I got were glossy lips, which is still quite yummy if you ask me. As an alternative, Cover Girls Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer offers the illusion of fuller lips. The Plum Splash lip gloss is my everyday must wear. It can be worn over a matte lipstick or on its on. When worn, my lips look fuller and delicious.

As a side note,  as with most beauty products, you have to choose what is best suitable for you and your specific needs.

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