I am not looking for credit for anything I do, but do not discredit me, vilify me, include me as a subject in your manipulative tactics. Do not come for me unless I send for you. Do not attempt to damage my marriage or hurt my family and turn around and play innocent and meek when shots fire back from the barrel of my mouth.

Everyone is entitled to their bonds and connections, but if you are close with someone who tries to intentionally hurt me without merit, then I am entitled to disconnect our bond and connection. You can’t find happiness in life attempting to destroy someone else’s.  I don’t have energy to tolerate toxicity. Emotional biohazards are dispersed from people who are not happy with their situations.  Their misery enjoys company, but I will not be accepting any invitation from any miserable people.  I’m above the bullshit.  I’m beyond eager to stand clear of people who have only negativity to discuss.  They can’t afford to converse with me. They have, however, earned my silence, which is golden. That’s the best I can give them.  That’s how generous I’ll be.

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