Love and Relationships


boys to men

Raise your son to become a man. A father to his children, a husband to his wife, a leader in his community, a reflection of God.  Teach him to be a provider, protector, a positive role model. Give him the tools to be independent.  Give him the ideas to be creative.  Give him the knowledge to be educated.  Inspire him to be great.  Pray for him to be blessed.  Push him to be adventurous. Love him with compassion. Teach him to invest in his passion.  Raise your boys to be the type of men the world needs. Give them more than just life.  Invest in their spirits.  Lay the foundation of opportunities. Teach them to be optimistic. Elevate their existence.  Raise them high towards God in heaven because our sons are Gods. They were made in the image of the most high.  Remind them who their father is in heaven even if their fathers are absent on earth.  Be your son’s life coach. Our sons need guidance so be their map by pointing them in the right direction. We have enough men who are still boys.  Allow your sons to grow up.  Allow them to become the definition of good men.

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