Love and Relationships


dad to daughter

Walk your own path, but allow me to guide you at times. The world can be a toxic place. Some of the paths are misleading, but please don’t be afraid of the journey.  You gain more from moving forward, but you experience much in setbacks. Don’t rush to your destination.  Take your time.  Observe your surroundings.  Absorb your experiences.  Entertain some pleasures, but reject the temptation of addiction.  Breathe sophistication.  Consume education.  Engage in rebellion, fight for your honor and fight for your respect.  No matter where your path leads you, the journey should be your focus. If you feel like you’re lost, do not allow pride to prevent you from asking for directions. Learn different routes before you even set out on your journey.  You may find that you’ll change your mind a few times in your travel, but always try to commit to movement.  Take a break, but not for too long.  Learn when to move.  Learn when to stand still.  Learn when to scream. Learn when to stay quiet.  Learn when to wait.  Learn when to walk away.

If you find that there is no one to turn to, God is always there.  Stand for something, but fall for nothing. Feel passion for life and compassion for the living. Be human never inhumane. Give along the way.  Enjoy the sunny days, but prepare for rainy days.  Don’t put too much off until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come.  Live as much as you can in moments but share those moments with people you love.  It’s ok to feel regret, but accept that it happened and keep pushing forward.  Don’t forget to say I love you and don’t forget to show it.  Love should be expressed through words and actions.  Protect yourself, but don’t put up a wall.  I may not always be there for you, but my words should live in your mind forever.  Safe travels, my dear child.

Dedicated to Rain Smith.  Mommy loves you xoxo

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