Head up, back straight. Don’t let them see you looking down. Don’t give them the impression that you are not feeling your best. Always be your best even when they’re not looking.  Condition yourself to stand firm.  Integrity is everything. Be confident and assertive.  Be brilliant with your words and consistent with your actions.   Be magnificent.  They will never like you because they will never reach your level of ambition or success. Their only means of reaching you is through gossip. Close your ears to the he say, she say. Don’t concern yourself with the mêlée.  Pay attention to your goals.  Don’t get distracted by their dysfunction. Don’t share your plans with them or anyone in their circle.   Even though they do not wish you well, every once in a while give them a glimpse of how well you’re doing.

Ask God to protect you from ill-wishers.  They don’t want to know that you’re doing well so always try to do great.  You are above mediocre and they’re below average. They look happy on the exterior, but misery is eating them alive from the inside. Focus on your own struggles. God has already bestowed mercy and blessings upon you. Even though the storm seems rough, this too shall pass. Be blessed and be happy. Don’t be like them. No matter what you do in life, never ever be like them.

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