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I love vodka, but love is the most intoxicating thing I’ve ever tasted. It makes me do and say crazy things.  It blurs my vision and diminishes my reasoning.  I feel unbreakable.  My speech is slurred.  My excitement is heightened.  My happiness is confirmed.

Have you ever been addicted to love?  It’s like you can’t breathe without it.  Your mind feels unsettled.  You have empty thoughts and silent motions, but when you get your fix, you want to share your soul with the world.  Everything feels so right. You get lost in your emotions.  I love the way it puts me to sleep at night and keeps me motivated during the day.  It calms me into being patient.  I wouldn’t tolerate a lot of the shit I go through if I wasn’t in love with you.

Love keeps me grounded.  I’m addicted to the way it makes me feel.  It’s an escape. It makes my heart race and my pupils dilate.  It makes me do bad things in our secret place.  It has made me do good things for undeserving people, but that’s love. It’s not perfect, but I love the taste of it.



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