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The steak is served calmly soaking in a shallow bath of beef au jus.

We visited the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon.  The humidity was high outside making it unbearably hot.  I ordered a Creamsicle cocktail to cool me off.  The Creamsicle is served in a chilled martini glass.  It was mixed at the bar and the waitress poured it into the chilled glass right at our table which was a nice treat to see.  The Ceamsicle cocktail is made with Pinnacle whipped vodka, triple sec, and orange juice. The cocktail is deliciously sweet.

I tasted their Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with a Dijon mustard sauce and a chipotle sauce.  On the outer portions of the crab cake is a crisp, light breading.  The crab cake easily flaked apart with the pull of a fork to where you are able to see that there is not much filler holding it together other than mayonnaise. Just lumps of flavorful crab meat was there to enjoy. Both sauces served with the crab cake have distinct flavors.  I am not a fan of mustard, but I surprisingly enjoyed the Dijon mustard sauce over their chipotle Sauce.  I tried their T-bone Steak cooked medium well.  The steak is served calmly soaking in a shallow bath of beef au jus.  I sampled their BBQ Pork Ribs which is cooked to perfection.  The meat slid right off the bone.   The Mac and Cheese is good and the Cheddar Bacon Croquettes are fried crispy on the outside with a rich and creamy mash potato, cheddar cheese filling that has a subtle bacon flavor on the inside.

After dinner, we sat by the lake near the golf course in Van Courtland Park enjoying the peace and quiet of our surroundings.  Overall, Jake’s Steakhouse is a wonderful restaurant with delicious food.  The wait-staff is friendly and attentive.  I enjoyed the atmosphere just as much as I enjoyed the food.  I recommend you visit this restaurant.

Jake’s Steakhouse
6031 Broadway
Bronx, NY 10471
(718) 581-0182

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