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The day was hot, hot, hot!  And the tour involved lots of walking; more walking than I cared to do on my VACATION.  I enjoyed learning about the history of the ruins.  A once thriving community is now extinct.  It has become an epicenter for tourists who will learn the history of the ruins which will enable what is now a memory to live on.    The Tulum Ruins is the 3rd most visited site in Mexico and the most visited attraction in Quintana Roo.  On the tour of the ruins, we learned that the Maya were technologically advanced for their period.  They mastered date and time.  They even had their own number system long before the Persians.  They were violent people and the communities were heavily divided by class.

After viewing Turtle Beach, we had a 2 hour break at another beach outside of the ruins area.  Our hotel booked the tour, but didn’t properly inform us on what to expect.  I packed 5 bathing suits for my trip to Mexico so I was a little upset that I didn’t bring a bathing suit on the tour because no one told us there would be a beach break.  Omar and I ended up sitting at a beach bar that served the worst drinks I ever tasted in my life.  To use the bathroom by this beach area costs 10 pesos and they had 1 roll of toilet paper for everyone to use sitting on a fence outside of the bathrooms.  We spent a lot of pesos on drinks and I didn’t use the bathroom because I was so grossed out at the idea of using that nasty toilet paper just sitting outside for everyone to touch.

Before you go on a tour of the ruins, please:

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Wear sun tan lotion

Bring cold water

Bring swimwear

Carry toilet paper or wipes (if you use the bathroom outside of the ruins by the beach)

Book directly with the tour company.  Sometimes the resorts up the price of the tour for their own profit.

Ask the tour provider for a brochure or visit the tour suppliers website and read, read, read so you know what to expect on your tour



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