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Of all the islands I visited, Mexico is my least favorite as it pertains to food and cocktails.  I don’t want to discredit Mexico in the culinary sector especially since I didn’t eat at many restaurants there, but the places I patronized were not at the top of my overall list of places to eat during my time of travel.

We dined at Pelicanos, a beach front restaurant in Playa Del Carmen.  It was recommended to us by Caesar, the resort manager of Artisan in Riviera Maya.  Pelicanos has the best food I tasted during our trip to Mexico.  The restaurant offered an economically priced seafood platter that included grilled shrimp, grilled lobster tail, fried calamari, grilled calamari and grilled oysters.  The meal is a seafood lover’s dream come true.  The lobster tail was my favorite; a massive tail that was fresh, meaty and savory.  As a lover of food, I needed this meal to recoup from the poor dining experiences I had during our trip.  The dish was meagerly priced at a mere $35.00; a price point that will keep you on a budget while engaging in a sumptuous feast.

If you plan to visit Playa Del Carmen, definitely check out this beachside gem.  You will not be disappointed.

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