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Sit back and enjoy live music and the taste of simple, yet good food.  If a live band is not present to thrill diners, smooth jazz plays from a music channel on cable television.  The music gently plays in the background of conversations being held at each table.  The atmosphere is calm at Harlem Besame.  The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of Latin and soul food.

I really enjoyed the yellow rice and black beans with fried chicken.  The chicken is seasoned well and fried crisp.  I had a side of Shrimp in Garlic Sauce.  The Shrimp in Garlic Sauce is flavorsome, but the portion seemed small.  I did create my own little combination platter that was not offered on the menu and the restaurant was kind enough to accommodate me so the small portion of shrimp could have been because of my personal order and not what the restaurant generally serves customers who order shrimp in garlic sauce.  I tried the Chicken in Garlic Sauce; chicken breast sautéed in garlic sauce and white wine.  It is tasty.  It taste like something you whip up after getting home late from work and you’re trying to get a meal on the table for the kids as quickly as possible.  The presentation was humdrum, but the food is good.

I was a little put off by their silver colored plastic utensils.  I think a restaurant selling entrees for $28.00 a plate should definitely reserve plastic utensils for take-out.  Other than that, I like Harlem Besame.  The energy is perfect for an intimate dinner with your love or brunch after church with family.

2070 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard
New York, New York 10027

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