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I tried ordering a glass of Champagne Montaudon, but they were all out.  I ended up enjoying a glass of Grey Goose and cranberry juice with dinner.

This is my second time visiting Chocolat at this location.  I ordered the NY Strip which came with Mash Potatoes and Onion Rings.  Sometimes I feel like an outcast because it seems like the world doesn’t believe in gravy.  I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept of mash potatoes without gravy.  I can’t eat plain, boring, mash potatoes.  I need my mash potatoes smothered in that thick brown goodness.  The steak was delicious.  It tasted like it was grilled on an open flame.  I asked for my steak to be cooked well.  The edges were crisp, but the meat was still tender.  The herb butter gave it extra flavor.  The mash potatoes were good and it was even better when I was brought a side of gravy.  The dish also had grilled asparagus.  The life was grilled out of the asparagus.  It was slightly charred and very limp, but I still somewhat enjoyed it.  The onion rings were crispy and delightful.  I really enjoyed the meal, but the steak was definitely the highlight of the plate.

Chocolat Restaurant Lounge
2223 Fredrick Douglass Boulevard
New York, New York 10026
(212) 222-4545

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