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A fully stocked wet bar nicely compliments the full menu of Asian delights. Dumplings galore! It was like dancing in Dim Sum heaven. Although many of the wait-staff speak little English, they were all friendly and accommodating. The menu can be a little unclear so be mindful when choosing your dish. Some of the dishes are mixed with meats or shellfish so if you have a food preference or a food allergy, you should choose your dish carefully or ask the waiter/waitress questions about the menu to ensure that you are not putting something in your body that you don’t agree with.

I really enjoyed my time and the food at Jing Fong. I had vodka with seltzer and it was well made with a heavy hand on the vodka. I had a variety of steamed dumpling from shrimp to pork. I also enjoyed fried shrimp rolls. It’s a great place in a cool location. If you happen to attend the Lunar New Year Parade this year, be sure to visit Jing Fong!

20 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10013
b/t Canal St & Bayard St in Chinatown

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