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It’s going to be a nice summer hangout for a mature, professional crowd in the Boogie Down Bronx!!!

The Bronx has something special here!!!  The drinks and food are a bit pricey.  The food is good, not great.  Try their empanadas, especially the shrimp!  The pernil with yellow rice and beans dish is yummy, but you can get the same deliciousness for a fraction of the cost at your local Caridad or El Valle.

You are paying for ambiance, and it’s worth it!  The views aren’t spectacular (like let’s be real, it’s the Bronx 😆). It would have been nice to get a view of a body of water. Maybe the views would be nicer at night when we get the lights from the surrounding buildings and streets. 

I do recommend this restaurant. It’s going to be a nice summer hangout for a mature, professional crowd in the Boogie Down Bronx!!! One thing I found interesting is that they check IDs to get into the restaurant. Not sure if they are selective as to whom they request IDs from, but that was interesting in my view. There were children at the restaurant so it is family friendly.

Zona De Cuba
558 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 292-2400

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