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 Two different styles of chicken and waffles, one true winner!


I really love Amy Ruth’s waffles, hands down!  Light, fluffy, and delicious — it’s how a waffle should be.  The waffles at Water Street made me want to say “Leggo my Eggo!”  It seriously reminded me of a frozen waffle/ninja star.  The Water Street waffle could decapitate someone if you through it at their neck.  It is dangerously tough!  I like Water Street’s chicken because it’s a cutlet.  It’s cleaner and easier to eat. The fried cutlet is well seasoned, and has a nice crunch.  But when it comes to soul food and a dish like chicken and waffles, you have to go with the obvious.  My pick goes to Amy Ruth’s for their chicken and waffles. 



Both are great restaurants with great food.  You will find something amazing in each. Water Street’s ambiance is much nicer than Amy Ruth’s, but this is about chicken and waffles.  Amy Ruth’s wins!




Amy Ruth’s
113 West 116th Street
Harlem, New York 10026
Water Street Restaurant and Lounge
66 Water Street
DUMBO Brooklyn, New York

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