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Cocktail trends exist among other trends.  I recently had an adventurous cocktail at The Dressing Room on the Lower East Side.  The base of the cocktail is jalapeño vodka, which is a unique flavor that stimulates the taste buds and gives a mild burning sensation to the chest.  I’m sure you can purchase a bottle of  jalapeño vodka at a specialty liquor store, but some of us enjoy the DIY approach.  Below is a cool way to make your own jalapeño vodka at home. 

For this recipe, you will need: 4 jalapeño chiles and 1 quart of vodka

Remove the stem from the jalapeño and deseed. 
Cut the jalapeño, lengthwise, in quarters. 
Place chiles in vodka. 
Allow the chiles to sit in the vodka for at least one week in a cool, dark place.

Serve your jalapeño vodka over ice or enjoy it as a shot.  
In the above photo is a cocktail made with jalapeño vodka, mango nectar, cranberry juice, and cilantro.  It’s an acquired taste, but you just may appreciate it. 

Toast to being fabulous!

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