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I could blame a slow metabolism or the lack of time I have to hit the gym. I could use every excuse I’ve made as to why I’m not a size 2. The fact is, I’m not a size 2. I’m not o.k. with my weight, but I’m also not o.k. with people making me hate myself, so that I can love myself. Being skinny isn’t going to help me become a better person. It will change the way I see myself externally, but to say “I would love myself more if I lost 40 pounds.” is quite a sad statement to make. I believe that people should love who they are now, so that the love they have for themselves becomes the driving force for self-betterment. Self hatred and low self-esteem is discouraging and only reinforces the desire to do nothing great for the beautiful person within.

The lesson I learned is to stop buying black clothing with the thought of it making me look slimmer. I want to feel beautiful and bright. I will no longer be afraid to wear white as I work towards a healthier, slimmer me. I love me and I look beautiful no matter what I’m wearing. I wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear me. And if you’re not buying my clothes, back-off and watch the way my ass shakes in those tight white jeans. Pow! Pow! Pow!

— Miss MJ xoxo

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