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I silently waited for his call.  The phone never rang.  No text, no call, no nothing (not anything).   It’s slow motion when you’re waiting for the one you love to love you back.  I know you’ve been in my shoes – Giuseppe, size 10 – so you can sympathize with me, but please don’t make this about you.  It’s about me right now. 

It’s passion, love, romance to me, but it’s simply “sex” to him.  Ass in the air, a wild romp we had; I got turned out and then turned down.  “Rejection sucks” I shout as I continue to wait for his call.  I want more from him, so I hold on to him.  I’m clinging with dear life.  My death grip can’t be loosened with a vise grip.  Not even the jaws of life could break me free from this addiction.  I’m so addicted to him.  I need an intervention like shoe shopping or maybe a vintage Chanel bag will do the trick.  I’ve been tricked into believing that he really likes me.  But the joke is on me and I’m so not laughing. 

–miss mj xoxo

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