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When the bad boy is over, he likes to sip on Hennessy. That’s cool, but I like my men dark – my liquor, not so much. The wet bar was all dried up. I let him burn a wine flavored Black & Mild while my IPod played a montage of tunes I recently downloaded. He and I were in a vibe, and the vibe was nice.

Am I the only one that thinks bad boys look super uncool drinking a glass of wine? In my opinion, it takes away the edginess and makes him “delicate.” Who the heck wants a delicate guy? I need my man rough and tough like leather. If he’s rocking a motorcycle leather with a pair of distressed denim, and calf-high boots, I’m in love. We’re getting married if there is actually a motorcycle parked outside. But this bad boy is more of a baggy jeans and basketball sneakers, BET awards kind of guy. He gets his sneakers from Foot Locker, and probably wouldn’t step foot in a shoe store. Nevertheless, his style meets my standards and I am quite attracted to him.

I offered him a glass of St. Francis, 2006, Sonoma County, Cabernet Sauvignon. I was hoping he would say no, but I found myself searching for the corkscrew. I poured 2 glasses. I’m not a huge fan of reds, but this particular red was pleasantly delightful. It got the blood flowing and released the serotonin. We exchanged kisses and touches throughout the evening. Red is definitely the color of passion xoxo

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