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Keens Steakhouse
Keens Steakhouse

I was served a T-bone steak the size of something Fred Flintstone would devour.  My dinner included buttery mashed potatoes, and string beans with a crunch. I always found steakhouses to be a man’s first choice in dining out. When I think of a man’s meal, I’m brought to a tall, chilled glass of tap beer to compliment a monstrous-sized steak cooked medium rare.  Keen’s steakhouse is my image of a Manhattan man’s steakhouse.  And the restaurant’s historic background makes it a New York City jewel.

The restaurant has character.  It is a site where important business meetings take place over a highly priced lunch in the Lincoln Room.  Regulars at Keen’s appear to be successful business men in 3 piece suits – no such thing as casual Fridays in their belief.  Some of these men remind me of old school corporate executives who are beyond retirement age, but refuse to be pushed out by young social media type entrepreneurs.

Life is all about the experience. If you want to truly engage in the New York City restaurant experience, Keens is absolutely a must visit.

Keens Steakhouse
72 West 36th Street
New York, New York 10018

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