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straps and heels

Ultra sexy and super sophisticated, strappy heels are one of the hottest summer looks. If it’s a date night with that hot guy in accounting or club hopping with your girls on the west side of Midtown, strappy heels will have you looking just as sexy as you will feel. Remember the shoes to walk out of his life in? Well anyone of these shoes will be ideal for making power moves. New York City girls are definitely the baddest girls in the world. And when I say bad, I mean good! Even if you carry a pair of flats in your hand bag to change into by the end of the night, if you start your night in a pair of strappy heels, nothing can go wrong. Let’s just say what happens in NYC ends up on Instagram, but you’ll be the one to post it because you are just so f*cking fabulous, and the world needs to know it!

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