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Think of the disservice you are doing to yourself as well as your partner by carrying them further than they need to be carried.

unmotivated partner

When you are trying to attain certain goals in life, be mindful of the people you choose to partner with.  Whether a relationship, friendship, or business, pay attention to your partner’s passion.  Keep your eyes open to how motivated they are to staying aligned with reaching the desired goals. The worst experience in partnerships is to carry someone who should be walking beside you.  Yes, people hit hard times.  People will fall, and there are times when being a dedicated partner calls for you to carry the weight of two.  But how far, how long, and for what reasons should be taken into consideration.  Some people fall and stay down longer than they should due to lack of motivation.  Some people become comfortable in their position and are unmotivated to move forward towards attaining those goals.  Do not allow your loyalty to your unmotivated partner to bring you down.  A partner who sees their highly motivated partner doing double duty while they are comfortable doing less is actually being disloyal to the partnership.

Although many say life isn’t fair, there are moments when our loyalty to our partners cheat us out of what we deserve.  There are times when life isn’t fair, but in many cases it is we who are not being fair to ourselves.  Don’t let your dedication to someone slow you down from achieving what you desire to accomplish.  In any form of partnership, the term “evenly yoked” speaks volumes.  Partner up with someone who matches your hustle. Seek balance in an elevated position. If you find that you desire to rise and your partner has flat-lined, think of the disservice you are doing to yourself as well as your partner by carrying them further than they need to be carried.

Supporting someone’s lack of motivation keeps both of you in a powerless position.  To truly be powerful, you cannot surround yourself with weak people.  You need to challenge yourself.  You need to grow.  In order to grow, you need to partner up with someone who invokes motivation and the desire for growth.  When you don’t connect with a powerful partner, it weakens you.  It slows you down.  To find true success in any situation, you shouldn’t lower yourself to lift someone up.  Your partner should do what it takes to rise to the occasion and be a team-mate, not an adversary.



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