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Don't make her a mother before you make her a wife.


If she’s worth it, fight for her!  Get a good job, stop hanging out with the fellas every day and invest in your woman. If you know she’s the one, stop putting her second to your friends and family.

She brings meaning to your life so define her position in your life. Stop dating her and make her your wife. You should want to make sacrifices for a woman who doesn’t ask for more than your love and commitment. She deserves the world, give it to her.

Don’t make her a mother before you make her a wife. Start a family and be present. Be a man and support what you created. Be an example to your children. Be a provider in your home and a supporter of your spouse. Don’t just feel like your job is done because you put a ring on her finger. Continue to court her, continue to love her, build something with her that your great, great-grandchildren will benefit from.

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