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DSC03894.JPGStare deep into his eyes and tell him you love him.  Everyday is Valentine’s Day when you’re in a solid relationship.  Make sure he knows that your heart is loyal and your love runs deep.  Make sure he knows how much you appreciate him.

Every single day I thank God for the life he has given me.  There have been difficult moments I had to fight through, but those moments have only made our bond stronger.  No matter how strong we are as women, no matter how many children we have and how happy we are to be mothers, the companionship of a man is something we truly need.  Not just any man, but a good man who is delicate with our hearts and who values our time.  A good man who provides time and financial support.  We as women need that to evolve in a certain type of way.

It’s always great to be independent, but having the ability to rely on someone is empowering on another level.  To be able to split tasks and responsibilities helps to alleviate stress and brings a calmness to your day.  Don’t be afraid to knock down barriers and open yourself up to a good man.  It’s human nature to need an desire love from the opposite sex.  Allow yourself to be human and embrace what’s natural in life. To lay on his warm chest and listen to his heart beat for you is one of the most magnificent experiences a woman can feel.  Do not deprive yourself of that.

Stare deep into his eyes and tell him that you are the only woman he needs.  Be vulnerable  and welcome his good intentions.  If he’s showed you that he loves you and you are the only one for him, let your guard down and let him know that you need and want him in your life.

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