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We had drinks at their Spanish Harlem location on a Friday night and brunch at their Bronx location on a Sunday afternoon. This sports bar is a fun place where you can enjoy drinks, food and/or hookah with friends. Each location appears to host regulars. It’s the type of place where if you go every week, you can get a kiss on the cheek as a greeting from a voluptuous waitress or a pound (hand greeting) from door security.

They serve Standard bar food so do not go there with high expectations. The food and drinks are subpar in a party like a rockstar atmosphere. We tried the buffalo wings, which are mediocre. The quesadilla is just ok. I also ordered the shrimp and beef empanadas, I can admit to having better empanadas from the vendors that sell these deep fried Latin patties on the street corners of bustling shopping areas in the Bronx.

Sapitos has a great vibe if you enjoy hip hop, reggae and r&b. It’s the perfect place to visit when you just want to throw on a pair of white uptowns and grey sweats with a white T to enjoy good music in a party like atmosphere without the extra high maintenance required when enjoying a night out in the City.

3168 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, New York








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