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We all have a duty as parents to protect our children’s image. We love our children more than life itself. We celebrate them even through their failures. We are our children’s biggest fan. But be mindful that most of the outside world does not hold our children to the same standard as we do. Where we celebrate our children, there are people negatively judging our children. There are authority figures waiting to make an example out of our children.
I don’t understand parents who post pictures of their young daughters in revealing clothing standing in salacious poses. Yes! She’s beautiful and she probably looks just like you, but be mindful that she’s still young and what you find gorgeous, others find grown and completely inappropriate. Don’t post pictures of your children smoking weed, throwing up gang signs, holding a gun, or bands of money. Your child may be an angel in your eyes, but society will demonize them without a second thought. 

As a parent, no matter if your daughter is promiscuous or your son is a drug dealer, you should not promote or publicly support their poor behavior. Plenty of mother’s are willing to lie for their sons but that doesn’t mean you should post incriminating photos of your child online. Your daughter may have a beautiful body and you may be proud of the woman she’s becoming, but posting photos of your daughter with much of her breast exposed, stomach out, or her butt turned to the camera in a dingy nightclub bathroom is not a good look. It’s quite unfortunate that these “modern” parents are willing to objectify their young children – especially their daughters – for fame,  money, or even likes on social media.

Too many parents are more infatuated with their child’s looks instead of  the quality of the child’s character. These parents have trained their dogs better than their children. Too many parents are proud to raise good looking assholes. 

The world doesn’t love our children like we do so we must make it our business to guide them and protect them through life. Teach your children how far a positive image can take them in life, in their career, even in a marriage. The lessons start at home.

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