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Find out what gets your blood flowing. Jump out of a plane or swim with sharks.  Get your adrenaline going so you can feel enthusiastic about life.


You ever date someone who constantly disappointed you and didn’t live up to their promises? After a while, you begin to grow disgust for this person. You start losing interest in them.  You look at them in disdain as you slowly pull yourself away from the relationship.

There was a stage in that relationship where your love for that person was at its highest point and you would do anything for them, you were in many ways nurturing and attentive to their needs. But then you realize how draining it was to love someone that much. You no longer had the desire to commit to nurturing someone you don’t felt passionate about. You were falling out of love with them, slowly giving up on the relationship.

What if you weren’t dating that person and looked in the mirror and realize that you fell out of love with yourself? The gym visits became tiring among an already hectic schedule. Eating healthy and dressing up requires too much effort. The kids and your spouse come first so pampering yourself is rarely an option. You look in the mirror and don’t even see an image. To yourself, you do not exist. You feel unworthy and hopeless at times.

You’re breaking promises you’ve made to yourself; I’ll stop smoking, I’ll stop drinking, tomorrow I’ll start wearing make up again, I’m going to start styling my hair better. Day after day, your actions never reflect your words.  Days pass, days turn into months, months turn into years and you’ve become okay with letting go of yourself. You no longer care anymore. That is a very sad place to be. You must actively find ways to fall back in love with yourself.

Here are 10 ways to fall back in love with yourself:

  1. Do positive things that make you happy.
  2. Seek inspiration from pictures, videos, and memories from a happier period in your life. Find ways to recapture those experiences so they easily translate into where you are in life at the moment. 
  3. Pursue growth through education. Learn a new skill, go back to school and finish your degree. Start a business. Pursue a passion.
  4. Invest in yourself. Pamper, love, and respect yourself. Get your hair and nails done. Dress to impress yourself. If it’s too much to do every day of the week, reserve at least one day a week or month where you get glammed up to remind yourself that you are a bad bitch!
  5. Remind yourself daily that you are beautiful and you are worthy of everything good life has to offer. Tell yourself daily that you love who you are. If you see things about yourself that you don’t like, take small steps toward change.
  6. Read self-help books or listen to motivational podcasts.
  7. Slowly progress into a healthier lifestyle by changing at least one meal a day to a salad, smoothie, or a portion controlled plate. Start with a 15 minute workout and gradually increase your workout time and intensity with each day.  Do yoga or some form of meditation.
  8. Learn your body. Have passionate, intense sex! Make sure you put your sexual needs first and make it your business to get orgasmic pleasure.  Enjoy massages, bubble baths, and lots of foreplay.  You need to have the type of sex that makes you tingle hours after it’s over. You need to have the type of sex that makes you do that “villainous” smile while you’re at your desk at work when you suddenly think about how good it was when he laid it down the night before (you know the type of sex I’m talking about).  
  9. Find out what gets your blood flowing. Jump out of a plane or swim with sharks.  Get your adrenaline going so you can feel enthusiastic about life.
  10. Simply decide that you are madly in love with yourself in a non-narcissistic way and live accordingly.

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