Cruises usually need to be paid in full about two months prior to the sail date.  So one of the best tricks for saving is researching and booking your trip far in advance.


Call up the cruise line to see if they have any first deposit deals.  I know Carnival runs these promotions regularly so I would start with them.  I’ve never experienced this with other cruise lines, but it won’t hurt to give your choice cruise line a call to see what they are offering.  My advice below is related to Carnival Cruises because I don’t have complete knowledge of how other cruise lines operate in this matter.

This deal will allow you to put $50.00 down per person staying in each cabin.  If you are a solo traveler, you will likely need to pay 200% of the per person deposit.  If the cruise line isn’t running any discounted deposit promotions at the time, you can ask for someone to call you back when the promotion begins or you can keep checking in with the cruise line to see if the promotion is running.  Keep in mind that with this promotion, the cruise cost will be slightly higher.  That is the price you pay when using this promotion.  Most businesses offer better rates when a customer pays in full upfront.  To secure your cruise cabin without having a lot of money upfront, it’s best to use a running promotion for discounted deposits where you pay less upfront, but slightly more in the total cost of your vacation.

Did you know that you can also book your cruise flight through the cruise line?  You will pay a small booking fee, but you will secure your flight which can often be the priciest and most unpredictable expense of your trip.  The previously discussed cruise deposit will also lock in your flight reservation so you will not need to pay the full price for the flight upfront.  This is great as flight prices can often fluctuate dramatically even within the same day of researching flight costs.  To lock in a good price and reserve favorable seats on the plane is ideal.

Cruises usually need to be paid in full about 75 days prior to the sail date depending on the length of the cruise.  A good tip for saving is researching and booking your trip far in advance.  If you are waiting for a lump sum of money like your tax returns, a settlement, or a bonus, this method will allow you to have your vacation booked at an affordable rate  with little money down until you receive your lump sum of money.

Once your trip is paid in full, get ready to enjoy a satisfying vacation filled with endless possibilities.    Safe Travels xoxo


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