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It is easy for me to walk away from any situation that no longer serves me for good, and I just don't want anyone to feel comfortable talking down to me.   It's not o.k.  It will never be o.k. to treat people like that.

thumbnail_IMG_6935This social media era has silenced me in so many ways.  I’m almost afraid to voice my views on specific topics because of how sensitive the world has become.  Something as simple as an innocent Facebook post can be taken out of context.  I’ve reached a point where I no longer have the desire to post my views or feelings on any social media platform out of fear of offending someone without the intention of being offensive.   I also realize I have a voice, a following, and an obligation to voice my truth.  I should not let anyone silence me just because my truth makes them uncomfortable.

I recently had a falling out with a so-called friend because of something I posted on Facebook.  I just want to express, wholeheartedly, that the friend was far from my mind when I posted MY TRUTH on Facebook, and my intention was never to hurt or offend anyone.  My heart is so good.  I’m a Scorpio so I am loyal to the core until you cross me.  When I call you a friend, you are a friend.  There is a level of respect I have for all humans on this earth.  No one ever has to earn my respect.  Respect is something everyone is entitled to from the start.  I can lose respect for someone or  decide that they need to re-earn my respect, but I will never disrespect someone over something so minuscule as a Facebook post especially if I love you.  With that being said, this b*%ch got me fucked up!

She sent me a text message that was vile!  I would never speak to someone I call a friend in that way especially over a misunderstanding.  Remember when friends would call each other up and have heart to heart conversations?  What are we almost 40 ready to fist fight on the playground at 3 pm?  We talk negatively about the kids growing up in this era, but when you converse with some of these adults, you realize why some of these kids are the way they are.  At first I thought that I would give her a pass because she was my friend, but then I thought to myself if someone could be so upset over a misunderstanding, and speak down to me in such a way that made me feel like I was being checked by a stranger or an adversary, there is no way I could be friends with that person.   The saying goes, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.  I was blindsided by this situation.  I never thought that I would wake up that morning and lose another friend over something so stupid.  We were just together laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  R.I.P. to that friendship.


At my last job there was an attorney who was verbally abusive.  Someone labeled him  high-strung.  I was told by management that that’s just who he is and I should just learn how to deal with him.  So what makes a good employee is how much abuse they can tolerate?  People need to be held accountable for their actions.  We have to stop allowing people to think that it’s o.k. to talk down to people or abuse their position of power.  That’s who you are when you get upset is not a valid excuse to be that way.  As it relates to my friend, if she’s pregnant and hormonal or if she’s angry, that is not a justifiable excuse to express yourself in such a vile, juvenile, caustic manner.  I am not here for it.  I gave up my job and my friend because I let God handle my battles now.  It is easy for me to walk away from any situation that no longer serves me for good, and I just don’t want anyone to feel comfortable talking down to me.   It’s not o.k.  It will never be o.k. to treat people like that.  Strength doesn’t lie in the ability to tolerate abuse.  I also do not want to get comfortable allowing people to talk down to me.  I don’t want to seek comfort in an abusive situation.  Strength does not lie in the ability to forgive and forget.  Sometimes you just have to be done.  Not mad, not upset, just done.


As it applies to anyone who feels comfortable enough to speak to me or treat me like I’m not a human with feelings,  that’s when I walk away.  That’s when I’m done.  There is nothing left to talk about.


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