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Keep in mind that Hot Girl Summer is merely a season, but grown woman year last through retirement.


Rapper Megan Thee Stallion coined the term “Hot Girl Summer” which inspired our  favorite hot girls Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj to do a collaboration video along with Ty Dolla Sign celebrating the season.  Although the long awaited music video dropped late in the season, many younger women were inspired to do some last minute turn up before the summer officially ended.

So now that you’ve twerked your *ss off at the Cucumber Challenge Pool Party in your fast fashion Fashion Nova swimwear and drove the boat with your best frenemies and your favorite bottle of cognac, here are 5 things every Hot Girl needs to do now that Hot Girl Summer is officially over.

GET UP-TO-DATE HEALTH INFORMATION:  Partying and drinking can often lead to poor judgement.  If you’ve allowed living in the moment or over consumption of alcohol and drugs to effect your judgement, you likely found yourself taking the walk of shame during an early hot girl summer morning from someone’s home that probably never deserved your presence to begin with.  Nonetheless, whether you were engaging in care free sexual acts or even if you’ve been in a long-term committed relationship, it’s so important to stay up-to-date on your health.

Visit your primary care physician and GYN.  Be sure to check for STDs.  HIV and AIDS are thriving in black communities at alarming rates. You may be committed to your partner, but that does not mean they’ve been committed to you so it is vital for you to stay aware of your status and protect yourself, your health, and the health of others.

MANAGE YOUR FINANCES:  Summer in NYC brings people out.  We’ve been locked away like basement trolls during our vicious winter months.  Between summer music festivals,  City park barbecues, all white parties, yacht parties,  weekend trips to Atlantic City, and dinner dates with friends at sidewalk cafe’s and City Island, summer-time in NYC can definitely put you in the red.  Now is the time to go through your expenses and get back on track with a good budget and build better spending habits.

FOCUS ON YOUR BODY GOALS:  Now that summer is almost over, it is so easy to sink into the winter blues.  With Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas parties and dinners fast approaching, you can already feel the extra pounds adding on.  Remain positive about your body and your beauty, but take this opportunity to set a healthy fitness plan as you prepare for the next hot summer trend to influence our urban culture.

FOCUS ON YOUR EDUCATION:  One of the things I appreciate the most about Megan Thee Stallion is her stance on education.  While every girl has the right to go wild and enjoy themselves and live their best lives, getting good grades and finishing school is such an important goal we should emphasize with black girls and women.  In order to get a seat at the table and remain there, you have to be able to articulate yourself, and prove that you can put in the work.

It’s beyond popularity and wealth.  Education along with drive will put you and keep you in places that popularity and wealth can’t.  There are popular, rich people who are not respected.  Getting the right education can bring you wealth and you should carry yourself in such a way that you command respect.  You won’t have to sell your soul or your body to get what you want.

INVEST IN YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: Heavy partying, drug intake and alcohol consumption may be all good and fun in the moment. This behavior, however, has both long and short term effects and often masks darker issues internally.  Sometimes the hot girl lifestyle could be an escape from the every day demands of life.  Are you trying to escape the realities of  dealing with a dead beat baby daddy or a dead end job?  Being a single mom is tough and can drive lots of women to drink or act wild when they finally get a taste of freedom after playing the mom role for a long time.

Maybe life doesn’t seem to be working out in your favor or your coping with an ill parent or loved-one who you didn’t expect to lose so soon. As I referenced above, now that we are entering a colder season, it is easy to sink into the winter blues.  Make your mental health a priority so you can continue to flourish through life’s many adversities.

Keep in mind that Hot Girl Summer is merely a season, but grown woman year last through retirement.  Enjoy your youth, but don’t lose track of the end goal because at the end of the day, you won’t be young forever and how you treat yourself today grossly effects who you are tomorrow.

Everybody Needs Us xoxo



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