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I thought I would have to go to Brooklyn for good Caribbean food, so I was ecstatic to find that I could travel a few train stops to Grand Street.  I got lost in China Town, but found my way to Orchard Street between Grand and Broome Street.  Spur Tree is the perfect place for a girl like me.  I sat at the bar and enjoyed a Passion Fruit Bellini.  The pop of a freshly opened bottle of champagne is music to my ears.  It was so hard not to guzzle the Passion Fruit Bellini because it was that good.  I was seated for dinner and ordered Curry Chicken with Rice and Peas.  My Caribbean roots allowed me to easily take-in Spur Tree.  The food served at Spur Tree isn’t foreign to me.  Curry chicken is a dish I often cook at home. 

 The curry chicken is excellent.  The thick, not heavily spicy, curry sauce is perfect.  I love that they serve chicken breast cut into strips, which made it easy to enjoy with a knife and fork.   At home, give me a chicken leg and I will put my hands to work, but when you’re out-on-the-town, it is ideal to express proper etiquette.  The plating was magnificent.  The dish isn’t Manhattanized.  It is exactly the way it should taste.  I’m so happy that Spur Tree maintained the veracity of a classic, cultural dish like curry chicken.  They didn’t break any rules by trying to cater to the downtown crowd and I love that!  John Holt’s “Police in Helicopter” and Gregory Isaac’s “Night Nurse” played in the background.  Both songs I, regularly, heard growing up as a child.  Spur Tree made me feel at home, and that is something that makes this restaurant a very special place.

Spur Tree
76 Orchard Street
( Grand & Broome)
New York, New York


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