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The Dressing Room is a vodka and vintage bar.  They house beautiful pieces from local designers and they also offer a vintage exchange.  “Sip cocktails ’til you shop.” 

I casually shopped the vintage boutique area before spending a good amount of time at the bar area.  It was the bartender’s first day working at The Dressing Room.  I enjoyed champagne shots and Jameson whiskey.  I also got to experience new and extremely interesting specialty cocktail mixes that included: champagne with a piece of rock sugar soaked in Blood Orange Bitters, and the most unusual cocktail made with jalapeño vodka and cilantro.  

Their cocktail menu is interesting, but I’ve never seen a sneaker menu at any lounge in New York City.  Nike Dunks and Pumas were on the menu during my visit – a sneaker fanatic’s dream!  A pair of Dior glasses grasped my attention.  The glasses are gorgeous.  I ended up buying a fabulous bracelet, which reminds me of a Schonbek light-fixture.  The bracelet has a cluster of white crystals hanging from a gold band.  The crystals shake with every movement of the wrist.  It is a true statement piece.  I’m going to wear it for Dee Dee and Nicole’s birthday celebration at 230 Fifth.  I plan to do a Miss America style wave, so I can flash my new jewel.

You don’t have to be a fashion junkie to appreciate The Dressing Room.  It’s a really cool hangout where everyone feels welcomed. You can find two-finger-rings,  Prada shades, mod dresses, vintage kicks, High Line Beer, and champagne cocktails.  The Dressing Room  is a one stop for every Metropolitan Junkie. It is definitely a must visit, NYC gem.

The Dressing Room
75A Orchard Street
New York, New York


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