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September has arrived with little warning. We’re already halfway through the month and I am completely single – WTF?!?!  I’ve done the unthinkable – lost touch with every man I’ve been romantically involved with. This is a first for me. I’ve always had a standby.  Could this really be it? I’ve had marriage proposals in the past.  I had opportunities to become a Trophy wife, but I enjoy the single life. I enjoy feeling free. I don’t fear monogamy, I just dislike monotony.  I’ve grown comfortable with keeping my options open and my heart closed.

I polished my nails with Essie’s “Trophy Wife” nail lacquer.  The night is young and I’m not getting any younger. Maybe I should say “I do!”  But I don’t know if I’m seriously ready to get married. I certainly won’t reject the opportunity if the perfect candidate appears. I’m afraid that maybe it’s going to happen. This feels like that moment when I let go of the little things to prepare for something big entering my life.

I’ll invite you to the wedding if my story ends with a happily ever after. Until then, I’ll sip on a cocktail and polish my nails.


  1. Reminds me of a friend who said ‘… When I get married I’m going to wear a dress like this’..
    How does she know that she’ll get married?

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