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Glitter mixed with grit!You have to respect a woman who can curse like a sailor and swim with sharks, but still look marvelous in a pair of stilettos and a bandage dress. It is believed that women are suppose to be delicate, but if you grow up in the concrete jungles of New York City, delicate women are easily broken. I guess our mothers groom us to be sweet, but the streets made us sour. Heart wrenching relationships make us bitter. The combination of these characteristics spawns a new kind of feminine – grit mixed with glitter, Lip gloss and a taser. We gloss in glam, but will shock your ass if things get out-of-hand. Forceful yet fabulous, the girls I have befriended in New York City are explicit, rebellious, sophisticated, and confident. After all, in New York City, you have to get straight to the point. The city is too fast paced to wait for anyone. You have to be ready to fight your way to the top, and still look good doing it.

 In this superficial City where class and style is at the top of the town’s subliminal hierarchy, every woman learns their place and decides if that is the place they want to sustain. Most of us will never completely take comfort at the bottom because life on top looks so much more glamorous. As women, we all feel the need to be relevant, wanted, and loved.  But life after 30 in New York City makes us demand our needs. We finally realize the wealth that exists in the fulfillment of our needs. By demanding acknowledgment; respect; and love, we finally discover the riches in life outside of money.

What life in this City has taught me is to speak less, and listen closely. If looks don’t get me where I need to be, my commitment and drive most definitely will. I’ve learned how to measure success without comparisons. I won’t compare what you have to what I want or need. I challenge myself by being better than me instead of trying to better than  anyone else. Life after 30 is keeping it real with myself. I want to look beautiful, but if my feet hurt in 6 inch heels, flats are packed in my designer duffel bag for a smooth, comfortable transition.

 This life has taught me that you are who people think you are, but at the end of every day, you are the one that has to live with who you chose to be. Choose to be fabulous no matter what life presents to you. Choose to be amazing, confident, happy, strong, wise, aware, successful, patient, kind, and beautiful.

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