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Punch BarCalamari dipped in a batter with black sesame seeds is on the menu at Punch Bar.  In addition to choosing the sesame fried calamari that came with the most delicious banana chili sauce & wasabi aioli, I ordered shrimp dumplings with a citrus soy sauce, which tasted just as amazing as the fried calamari. The infamous bread every girl watching her carb intake dreads. It’s almost like the restaurant sets us up for failure by tempting us with these artisanal breads baked fresh with the finest ingredients. You convince yourself to only have a small bite of bread, but by the time your food is brought to the table, you have already devoured more than enough slices of that high carbohydrate goodness. Guilt settles in, but you’re so hungry  you convince yourself even further to enjoy every bite of the dish – you’ll work it off in the morning (at least that what you tell yourself), but we all know, it never works out that way.

This is life in NYC. Carpe diem. I begin to feel less guilty knowing that in every experience; I am able to enjoy that moment. There are days when counting calories, and cutting back shouldn’t matter as much. Seizing the experience and living it to its fullest is what should be placed above all. If we could just run free for one moment instead of constantly conforming to a mundane, structured state of living. As cliché as the term “You only live once” sounds, it is imperative to live by the belief of living in the now. Have dessert, enjoy that cocktail, eat the bread, and indulge in all of life’s magnificence. Before bed, ask for forgiveness then go back to your regularly scheduled program in the morning.

Punch Bar
913 Broadway
New York, New York 10010
(212) 673-6333

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