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There is something very powerful about being independent – not having to depend on anyone for your wants or needs. Having the ability to get what you want when you want it. On this July 4th, I want to celebrate the independence of a strong woman – a woman who references herself as a boss. When we think of male dominance in corporate America and society in general, we often neglect the truth that most of the world is led by a man in front, but there is usually a strong woman who stands behind each man operating that vessel.

Let’s acknowledge the physical strengths of an independent woman; the financial stability of an independent woman; the emotional investments of an independent woman. Only a secure man can handle having an independent boss by his side. That secure man is a wise man. What a man can contribute to a relationship is only part of what two strong individuals can create together. A wise man knows that in these modern times, a woman who can bring home the bacon and cook it is invaluable. “House wife” should still be a respected title. But a woman who can go to work and still manage her household is what truly deserves a standing ovation.

She’s a boss because she can depend on your money, but she prefers to earn her own. She’s a boss because she raises her children through some of the most difficult situations. Although she may cry and complain at times, her children will never go hungry or homeless. She’s a boss because she’s educated and is aware of the value of a college degree and its ability to influence increase in her salary. A boss doesn’t settle for mediocre. She’s ambitious. She would rather own than borrow. She’s a boss because she runs her home like a business. Only a boss knows that in order to be successful, structure is necessary.

A boss like me can smoke cigars and watch UFC and boxing with the fellas, but still carry myself like a lady. I can hustle like a man, but keep manicured nails, a pair of heels on, and a killer handbag draped over my shoulder. I’m making power moves for my household, but can still stand by the stove to cook a multi-course meal. What makes me a boss is that I don’t need a man for financial reasons, but I respect and value a man for his contributions to the home and humanity. As long as a man respects me as an equal, I won’t boss him around, but I will forever govern my life because that’s what a boss does.

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