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We sat on our balcony overlooking the bay.  The sun was shining brightly as we sipped morning mimosas. This is not our everyday, but on this day I realized what my everyday will one day reflect.  I sipped on my cocktail accepting the role of the bad guy because sometimes when you are a good woman, and you motivate a man to change his life in a positive way, people vilify you for that. They see you as a threat.  You are viewed as the woman who has taken him away from them. I’m, however, slowly realizing that it doesn’t matter who paints me as a villain or hates me, as long as he loves me and realizes the strength in our love and the power of my purpose in his life.  God put me in his life for a reason.

We share a Junior 4 apartment in the midst of a Bronx ghetto and every now and again we board flights to escape our reality.  We booked a suite in St. Thomas the U.S. Virgin Islands. The suite offered picturesque views in a serene environment, which is far from our norm for now.  I tasted love and now I savor life. Every time I leave the Bronx and ignore people’s nasty negative views about me, my mind stays in peaceful places.

I was born in the Virgin Islands, I call it home.  I grew up in the Bronx, I also call it home.  I love my husband and my daughter, I call them home because home isn’t always a place, but the people you love who love you in return and make you feel at peace.



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