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Sometimes you have to be absent to be present in the minds and hearts of others.

I’m going to hit the refresh button.  I’m still Missmjxoxo, I’m just going to update my spirit.  My spirit needs refreshing.  All the toxic people in my life will be removed or distanced from my circumference.  Empty thoughts and negative beliefs will be washed away. I’m going to travel more and worry less.  This is my time to detoxify by removing myself from meaningless relationships and hurtful situations.  Sometimes you have to be absent to be present in the minds and hearts of others.  I may not always travel far, but I will definitely be gone far from here as I need to breathe-in fresh air.  I need to feel true love.  I need to feel what family means.  I need to know what friendship is.  I need to feel loyalty.  I need to live in my reality.  I deserve to be happy.



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