Veronica swinging from a vine in Wingfield-Phillips Rainforest


We made a stop in St. Kitts. Our tour guide Veronica is a skilled driver; driving down small roads with sharp turns that if not maneuvered properly, can easily run off high cliffs.  She taught us a lot about the islands horticulture and history.  One of the fun lessons Veronica taught us about the island of Nevis was how the island got its name.  She explained that the island got its name when the Spanish mistook the white clouds that often cover the top of its volcanic peak for snow.  Because of that, Nevis was named “Nuestra Señora de las Nieves”, or “Our Lady of the Snows”

We made a stop at Wingfield-Phillips Rainforest. There are lots of vines hanging from the trees where you can swing like Tarzan in the Jungle, just make sure you pick a vine strong enough to support you.  There are beautiful streams perfect to follow on a nature hike!   Veronica’s mother taught her a lot about plants and trees.  You can see the delight in her eyes when she shared stories of her mom. Veronica showed us the different plants her mother used growing up to treat certain ailments.

We visited Timothy Hill on St. Kitts Island. You get a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea on the right and the Atlantic Ocean on the left.  The views are spectacular and this stop was the highlight of my visit to St. Kitts.  There were various vendors at the hill top selling souvenirs and food.  The food looked and smelled so good, but I wanted to enjoy a beachside lunch so I just bought a few souvenirs to take home with me.

When we arrived at the beach, I had buffalo wings and a Shandy. I love Shandy, but I did not like the wings at all.  There was a pesky fly flying around my wings.  That fly wouldn’t relent.  The disappointing food along with the pesky fly just took away from my beachside lunch experience.  I must say the beach is gorgeous and that made up for the let down.

I regret not getting food from Timothy Hill. I find that in exception to the Nest in Antigua, most of the beach restaurants I ate at didn’t have good food.  Nonetheless, the island of St. Kitts was a pleasure to visit and I look forward to one day going back and possibly exploring Nevis.

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